Bespoke Tailoring

How visiting tailoring works:

When you book a consultation with one of our expert tailors, we will come to you (whether at your office or home). During our meeting we will discuss what your requirements are for you suit, your preferred fit and comfort level, design options, fabric choices and personalisation options.
We then measure you and assess things like your posture and stance.
We will then discuss pricing, which we like to keep very simple. For mens bespoke, we have 4 price points - Orange Label, Black Label, Handmade in the Netherlands and handmade in Italy. Prices are set and include all the bells and whistles you may choose from.
We only use the finest Italian and English fabrics for our house fabrics whichever label you choose, the only decision you will have to make is how much handwork you wish to go into the garment.
We then leave you to carry on with your day and get to work on your pattern which is then sent to our workshop either in Europe or London.
Our Bespoke garments have the fastest turnaround in the Industry at just 4 weeks!*
At this point we will book you in for your first fitting, which again, can be done at home or in your office. If this is your first order with us, we may need to make a few adjustments, which are done in house in London. We aim to complete these and deliver within 5 working days.
Moving forward, providing your measurements do not change, repeat orders are easy as we already have your patterns!
If you'd like to know more or have additional questions, get in touch and let's talk suits!


Each client is able to choose from a wide range of carefully curated Italian and English cloths. The next step is then to choose design options starting from jacket closure style all the way down to the smallest details such as stitching colour.

The client can have as much or as little input into this as they wish – with their expert tailor advising them every step of the way.

Next comes measuring – we will take the clients body measurement, assess their posture and discuss how they would like their bespoke garment to fit them – with this information, our master tailors will then translate this into a paper pattern, unique to each customer.

Our garments are made from hand cut panels as opposed to laser, hand and machine stitching as opposed to mass production machines and checked over 3 times during our quality control.


Our bespoke garments – for both men and women – give the wearer comfort and fit that is just not possible when buying off the rack.


Investing in a few key items that you know will last much longer than the fast fashion trends of today, is what will make all the difference in your wardrobe.

Our prices:


2 piece suit starting from £1250

3 piece suit (waistcoat or extra trouser) starting from £1550

Sports jacket starting from £1000

Shirts starting from £140

prices include taxes (UK).



2 piece suit (skirt or trouser) starting from £1100

3 piece suit (skirt and/or trouser) starting from £1350

Blazer starting from £900

Skirt or trousers starting from £250

prices include taxes (UK).

We are a visiting tailor based in London, so when we come to see you, whether in your home or office, we will bring our cloth books and equipment to you, making the whole process even easier!

To book a consultation with no obligations, email