About us

At James Palombo, we strive to offer the highest quality garment, best value for money and most efficient customer service in the UK.
With many years of experience and a team of outstanding tailors we are are able to offer our clients second to none fit, shape and cloth knowledge accompanied with a personal one to one service.

Our turnaround times are unrivalled, at just under 4 weeks*; you will be wearing your new favourite bespoke suit in no time! Working with many different mills across Huddersfield and Biella - North Italy, you will never be at a loss for choice.

Not only are we passionate about sartorial elegance, but we also want to ensure you have your every wardrobe need covered.

Offering work, casual and formal attire - we have an option for every occasion! You will be able to choose from one of our Essentials ranges or alternatively for something more unique why not have a look at our LIMITED EDITION seasonal range.

Unlike store bought suits and many of our competitors, who use factories and mass produce their suits, we offer hand-cut, fully canvassed garments, made in our workshop by our skilful cutters and tailors.

Looking after over 900 law firm partners and many more city professionals, we have adapted our process to suit even the busiest of people.

At James Palombo we take pride in our ability to accommodate a diverse client base and a variety of requests - from a suit for a groom, the busy city lawyer in need of a large rotation of suits, the jet setters and international businesspeople who may require something less formal for events and travelling or sportspeople who may find it difficult to find anything that fits them correctly from the stores - we offer the convenience, knowledge, experience and commitment that one would expect from a luxury brand.